for our soldiers

At Mitz Chai, we understand the critical importance of providing our soldiers with the highest quality nutrition to keep them at their peak performance. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our cold-pressed juices and protein-packed snacks, specially crafted to deliver an abundance of essential vitamins and minerals. Our cold-pressed juices are meticulously prepared to retain maximum nutrients, ensuring soldiers receive a concentrated burst of vitality with every sip. Packed with a powerful combination of fruits, vegetables our products are designed to boost immunity, enhance endurance, and replenish vital electrolytes. Mitz Chai is honored to stand with our brave soldiers, and we’re dedicated to ensuring they receive the very best in nutrition. Our 100% natural Bedatz Kosher products are a heartfelt salute to the sacrifices made by our troops.
Join us in supporting our heroes! help us send them lots of Energy, Strength and LOVE.

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