reboot program

reboot program

The perfect cleaning for your body

Our 15 day guided reboot is the gold standard in terms of cleanses! It is a chance for you to have an overhaul in your health & healing! The reboot is based on the teachings of Joe Cross (who made the documentary ‘’Fat sick and nearly dead’’). This programme was designed by him and has been added to & upgraded to meet the needs of the jewish community.

Here is what you'll need to ensure successful results:

Reboot JuiceS

Juices for 15 Day Reboot


37 juices

15 ginger shots

+Bonus: Coaching Program free

Coaching Program

Reboot Coaching Program

Free with the purchase of the program!


Detailed video tutorials

Close accompaniment and training

A collection of useful recipes


Days 1-5

The first 5 days of the Reboot are transitioning your body to get ready for a cleanse. Gradually going off sugar, flour, coffee and more processed foods allow the body to gain the most benefit from doing the juice only part of the Reboot. These days are full of plant based foods, juices and smoothies. All recipes and meal plans are included.

Days 6-10

The second five days of the Reboot is the juice only part of the cleanse. 4 juices a day for women and 4-6 for men. Some fat in the day like a quarter of an avocado or some olive oil in a juice is essential for the absorbtion of vitamins. We also recommend a vegan bone broth that you can drink as much as you like during the cleanse.

Days 11-15

The last five days are transitioning the body back to food, adding different foods daily.The programme acts as an elimination diet and you are free to choose what you would like to bring back to your daily food plan. Learn new ways of eating and healthier recipes and food plans!

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