“I am so excited about this juicing!!!Have already seena huge improvement in my skins healing. Overall feeling much ‘cleaner’ though I didn’t realize before I wasn’t). And feel like have lost some weight(nice side benefit)”

Shulamit Friedman

Body work therapist

“Leahs’ service is prompt and she works to make the juices theraputic and tasty at the same time.I highly reccomend Mitz Chai juices.”


Ramat Bet Shemesh

“Leah has patiently worked to help my husband with a difficult case of constipation and hemmeroids. She follows up to check the juices are helping and has alot of helpful advice for him. After years of chronic constipation my husband B”H is finally healthy again! A combination of juices and dietary changes have been life changing”.

Rebbetzin E.

Ramat Bet Shemesh

“I am so happy I did Leah’s 15 day Reboot. I have done detox’s before but didn’t have much success mostly because they required me to do so much food prep and I am too busy for it. Leah made it really easy as all the juices were ready and the programme was super simple. My relationship with food has been really difficult these last few months and I needed a reboot ‘literally’ to gain some self control back.I am feeling soooo much more in control and am so proud of myself that I got through the whole cleanse!! I can’t believe I did 5 days of a juice only cleanse. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be! I am feeling and looking amazing bH!! Thanks Leah for all your help!”


Ramat Bet Shemesh

“Thanks, Leah for an amazing experience thru the juice reboot and transition. You made it so easy with your delicious juices all ready to go and fabulous, simple recipes to help before and after. You are a great support system, very available and encouraging to the group throughout”



“This is not the first pregnancy that I’m struggling with extremely low iron and hemoglobin levels. Literally to the point where I wasn’t functioning normally. After trying costly iron injections and seeing no results I reached out to Leah. I was put on a simple regimen of beet and pomegranate juices and boruch Hashem my levels started steadily climbing. By the time I came to the hospital to give birth my numbers had reached a good healthy level. In addition Leah is extremely supportive, encouraging and available for you throughout the journey. Go for it! You won’t regret it! I would also like to add kudos to Leah’s ever so patient and kind husband who does the deliveries. I’ve been quite difficult to reach when I wasn’t well and parking was always an issue near my building but he never got upset/frustrated/annoyed just always kind and understanding and “sure no problem and have a good shabbos”. Customer service in Israel – WOW!”



“I highly recommend Leah’s juices! Leah is lovely to work with. She really took the time to get to know my needs, preferences, and concerns, and then used her own expertise to create a juice “menu” that was exactly what I was looking for and better tasting than I would have known to ask for. It’s amazing to see the colors lined up in my freezer and know that I’m getting such a variety of nutrients. The juices are any combo of delicious and nutritious, depending on what I’m looking for, and Leah helped me create a balanced menu of the two. Excellent product and excellent customer care”



‘When I say that my well-being is enhanced, from even the very capillaries which reach the top of my head, to the tips of my toes, I am not being whimsical or lyrical. I just know it.”

Ilana S.

“I was feeling tired and weak and after Covid and I just needed something to help me get back to myself. That’s when I discovered Leah’s juices…. I started drinking 4 juices a day: 2 green 1 orange and 1 purple, and wow. Just wow. I’ve not only gotten back to myself, I’ve surpassed myself! I’m feeling full of energy, eating healthier, feeling energy to go to the gym and sleeping better! These juices have become part of my daily routine and I can’t imagine going back. Leah, you are literally a life saver!”

Sara Shaposhnik

Ramat Bet Shemesh

״Leah Mitnick Bh doing great. No more headaches. Feeling so good about what I’m eating too. I’m so glad to have done the 15 day reboot. I feel energized and clear headed. The juices, which are all prepped for you, were really good a refreshing. It also put me on a path of food awareness and I’m so much happier now that my food choices are good for me״


Maalot Dafne

״I highly recommend buying juices from Mitz Chai. The juices are tasty and smooth. Leah’s positive support and encouragement really makes the entire experience pleasant and surprisingly easy! I felt great, full of energy and had peace of mind knowing that I had the drinks I needed ready in my freezer. I am so grateful to Leah for providing me with this positive healing experience!״


Neve Yaacov

Thank you Leah for the most wonderful reboot program. I was looking for a way to literally reboot my eating habits and the types of foods my body was craving. I was apprehensive at first as I was worried about the difficulty in actually sticking to the cleanse but Leah made it so simple to follow with the delicious juices along with the delicious and simple recipes. During and also after the reboot I felt more energized, focused, my body actually craved healthy whole foods and my intense sugar cravings have gone! Thank you Leah! I am so grateful!


Bet Shemesh

I’ve been doing juice cleanses for many years. In the past, I’d need to travel to a program that provided the juice. At home I was limited to soups and smoothies, which are beneficial but not the same as “ just juice”. I’ve recently completed the 5 day Reboot cleanse, with hope that it would alleviate some of the long – covid symptoms I’ve been experiencing. The results- Wow! I have more energy, greater mental clarity, and less aches and pains. The combination of delicious ready-made juices and Leah’s gentle, informative guidance and care made this something I will incorporate into my life. Thank you Leah”.

Dr Rochelle Dweck

Psychologist, Yoga Instructor

״’For several years I have suffered from constipation until it got so difficult that I felt that there was a block preventing me to have normal bowl movements. I finally did a colonoscopy which determined that I was “100% clean.” No blockage! The gastro doctor gave me 100% chemical powder for a one month treatment- still blocked! I tried Chinese herbs- still blocked! Then I found MitzChai and after discussing the problem with Leah (who is always available) I took a one week treatment of two juices daily and after 3 days had the first normal bowl movement in a month! I followed her easy dietary changes and her juices and the worry and pain has vanished. Thanks to MitzChai”

Tuvia Heller


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