Immune, Psorisis, skin health, eye health & energy boosters


This package of  7 or 14x 500ml juices is great for a variety of issues. Helping to resolve psorisis, boosting your immune system, helping to give you a healthy glow, a new vibrancy, as well as aiding skin and eye health. Juices combined with dietary and lifestyle changes can often clear up many chronic conditions.

Defrost in the fridge 12-24 hrs b4 use.Use within 48 hrs of defrosting, made in a facility that has nuts, & seeds. Use b4 used by dates

Orange Vision, Dreamy carrot, sweet potato dream, beet energy, yummy beets, pure carrot, mean mean green, spinach lemonade, green lemonade.

made in a facility that has nuts, & seeds. Use b4 used by dates

Customer Reviews

I am so happy I did Leah's 15 day Reboot. I have done detox's before but didn't have much success mostly because they required me to do so much food prep and I am too busy for it. Leah made it really easy as all the juices were ready and the programme was super simple. My relationship with food has been really difficult these last few months and I needed a reboot 'literally' to gain some self control back.I am feeling soooo much more in control and am so proud of myself that I got through the whole cleanse!! I can't believe I did 5 days of a juice only cleanse. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be! I am feeling and looking amazing bH!! Thanks Leah for all your help!"

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