100% pure vegetable juices- Excellent for those with high sugar issues- incudes x7 varied juices-Available Kosher L’Pesach


Pure vegetable juices are excellent for those seeking a lower sugar juice because of diabetes/sugar regulation issues. They are also a great choice for lowering inflammation in the body, aiding digestion and boosting immunity.

Defrost in the fridge 12-24 hrs b4 use.Use within 48 hrs of defrosting, made in a facility that has nuts, & seeds. Use b4 used by dates

100% carrot juice, 100% celery jucie, 100% carrot & celery juice, mean mean green, beet & carrot mix, carrot beet & green mix

made in a facility that has nuts, & seeds. Use b4 used by dates

Customer Reviews

"I’ve been doing juice cleanses for many years. In the past, I’d need to travel to a program that provided the juice. At home I was limited to soups and smoothies, which are beneficial but not the same as “ just juice”. I’ve recently completed the 5 day Reboot cleanse, with hope that it would alleviate some of the long - covid symptoms I’ve been experiencing. The results- Wow! I have more energy, greater mental clarity, and less aches and pains. The combination of delicious ready-made juices and Leah’s gentle, informative guidance and care made this something I will incorporate into my life. Thank you Leah"

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