Breakfast and lunch in a juice


Breakfast & Lunch in a juice for a week. This plan is a great for busy people who want to make sure they are getting in all those essential vitamins and minerals while still eating one good meal a day. It is a very effective way to heal from a virus or get a boost of energy after an illness or difficult emotional time where your energy has been sapped. It’s also a great way to keep your waistline where you want it to be! When ordering this plan, you will receive 7 different green juices and 7 different colored juices.

Defrost in the fridge 12-24 hrs b4 use.Use within 48 hrs of defrosting, made in a facility that has nuts, & seeds. Use b4 used by dates.

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made in a facility that has nuts, & seeds. Use b4 used by dates

Customer Reviews

Thank you Leah for your delicious juices and for your great service & care throughout the process of the reboot. It was truly life changing & amazing!! My migraines are better & my energy level went up & I feel great!!! Thank you so much!!!

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